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Localization is the transformation of an entire product or content from one language to another, accounting for not only the text itself, but also the cultural concepts, specified terminology for the subject matter and region, as well as cultural adaptation regarding areas such as font display for the end-user's available technology. Translation transfers the text to another language, while localization ensures that all aspects of the corresponding piece are transformed as well to render a piece that is not only in the new language, but also grammatical, written in the same style/tone of the source, conveys the same intended message, and most importantly is culturally appropriate and comprehensible by the specific target audience.


While localization is listed as a separate service, it is automatically bulked with our other services. Each translation, transcription, voice-over, etc., is necessarily expertly localized according to the target audience information as closely as possible based on the details provided to us; however, localization can be a standalone service also. Have already created or translated text that needs reviewed to ensure the spelling, grammar, and terminology are accurate for those in your desired region/locale, or dialect? This is where localization comes to play as a standalone service!


We appreciate and recognize that each client and their needs are different. As such, our customized solutions are tailored to fit your unique requirements and goals to enable you to break down language barriers and expertly connect with your desired audience! This customization can be based upon volume, scope of work, frequency of requests, or other factors that may be important to you. Come to us with your desired goal, and we will be happy to provide you with a customized solution best-suited for you. Whether your request is simple or complex, large or small, or anything in between, we have you covered!

Here are some examples of physical, written content that we can localize:

  • Graphics

  • Mobile and Online Applications (Apps)

  • Multimedia Content

  • Subtitles

  • Software

  • Training Materials

  • Video Game Content

  • Websites

Some of the industries that can highly benefit from this service are as follows:

(click on each industry for more information)

Legal, Financial, Medical, Education, Marketing, Entertainment, Non-Profit & Social Services, Technology, Travel & Tourism, as well as many others.

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