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MEDICAL/Life Sciences



When it comes to sensitive and complex medical information, not only is attention to detail essential, but accuracy can be a significant matter of life or death. With resources, technologies, techniques, and medical procedures constantly evolving, experienced language professionals who specialize in the medical field and its many corresponding branches/specialties are vital to the overall quality and accuracy of healthcare-related translation. Poor-quality translations can result in serious errors, mistakes, and omissions, leading to potentially life-threatening situations and legal proceedings for the parties involved.

While possible content types within the industry vary widely, some common documents and materials we frequently translate and localize include the following:

Brochures and pamphlets

Business cards

 Clinical studies/trials

 Complaint forms/surveys

 Discharge instructions

 Doctor's notes

 Health and safety sheets

 Informed consent documents

 Insurance forms and claims

 Intake forms with clinical consequences


 Maintenance manuals

 Market authorizations

 Medical journal articles

 Medical tests and reports

 Medication labels or instructions

 Newspaper articles

 Notices of free language assistance

 Notices of eligibility criteria for services


PowerPoint slides/presentations


 Product data sheets

 Referral forms or notes

Repair or user manuals/software information

Technical data sheets

+ any other medical documents!

Translations may be accompanied by a Translation Accuracy Certificate,

notarized, or sworn.

Do you need an interpreter due to a language barrier between a patient and healthcare professional? We can help with that, too!

We offer over-the-phone (OPI), video remote (VRI), and face-to-face (F2F) interpreting services, enabling clear communication between healthcare professionals, patients, and their families—among others—for various medical industry-related situations. Using an interpreter not only reduces misunderstandings and potential repeat consultations, but results in better evaluation and overall treatment.

Are you looking for even more customized solutions? A few additional services we offer include customized medical document extractions (extraction and translation of only client-specified information) and voice-over services for informational statements/broadcasts, interactive voice response (IVR) menu systems, and instructional videos and/or recordings.


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