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Digital distribution has continued to revolutionize and change the way consumers acquire entertainment and media content, creating new growth opportunities while diminishing others. Regardless of distribution being physical or digital, as a business transcends borders, the need to communicate in their target markets’ own language is vital to overall success, expansion, and maximization of exposure and profit. This requires not only translation but also localization, which ensures that the tone/style is properly conveyed to suitably portray the originally intended message to the target audience. An experienced language professional is needed to accomplish this, as creativity and cultural sensitivity are necessary for quality and successful entertainment-related translations into other languages.

While possible content types within the industry vary widely, some common documents and materials we frequently translate and localize include the following:


Art exhibit programs


Brochures/flyers/promotional material

Business cards

Closed captioning

Critic reviews




• Magazine and newspaper articles


PowerPoint slides/presentations

Restaurant menus

Social media posts/profiles


Video game translation

Scripts and books

Website content

+ many other documents and materials! 

Do you need an interpreter due to a language barrier between a potential client and entertainment professional? We offer over-the-phone (OPI), video remote (VRI), and face-to-face (F2F) interpreting services to enable and enhance communication between companies and potential clients, guests, investors, business partners, or entertainment professionals.

Need entertainment industry-related materials translated into another language with a bit more creative flair? We have you covered! Transcreation (translation + creation) is utilized to take a specific concept in one language and creatively reinvent it in another in order to accurately and artistically portray the intended underlying meaning to the target audience while keeping its creative identity intact.

Launching a new social media or advertisement campaign for an audience abroad? Whether it be promoting a new movie or a sponsored product launch, with Cultural Consultation we can complete the research needed to ensure your campaign's name, slogan, and any additional surrounding information will be culturally appropriate and correctly portrayed to the intended audience.

Are you looking for even more customized solutions? Tailored voice-over services are available for informational statements/broadcasts, interactive voice response (IVR) menu systems, instructional videos/recordings, and many more! Let us know your needs, and we can develop tailored solutions to break your specific language barriers.

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