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Cultural diversity in the education system requires constant and reliable communication between teachers, faculty, students, and parents/guardians in order to provide the best possible education and guidance, regardless of each party's native country or language. Certain challenges in the educational sector require professional translation services to not only make communication and comprehension accessible/attainable, but also to enhance the overall learning experience for the parties involved.

While possible content types within the industry vary widely, some common documents and materials we frequently translate and localize include the following:

Admissions documents


Course material/textbooks

Conduct and discipline reports


E-learning websites

Exam material

IEP material/reports

Interactive learning software

Lesson plans


Notices of free language assistance

PowerPoint slides/presentations

Report cards

School brochures


• Test booklets

Transfer forms

Webinars and online training

Website content


+ many other educational documents and materials!

Translations may be accompanied by a Translation Accuracy Certificate,

notarized, or sworn.

Do you need an interpreter due to a language barrier between a parent and teacher or school official, or between a visiting professional and students? We can help with that, too!

We offer over-the-phone (OPI), video remote (VRI), and face-to-face (F2F) interpreting services for many educational setting situations, including the following, but not limited to:
• Parent/guardian and teacher interaction
• Visiting students, professionals, professors, and speakers
• Academic conferences
• Lectures
• Telephone conversations

Are you looking for even more customized solutions? Tailored voice-over services are available for informational statements/broadcasts, interactive voice response (IVR) menu systems, instructional videos/recordings, and many more! Let us know your needs, and we can develop tailored solutions to break your specific language barriers.


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