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Cultural ConsultATION

Cultural consultation is a fully-customizable service based on our client's needs, which generally involves a meeting with both an internal project specialist as well as a linguistic expert in a specified language and culture. Our team meets with clients to coach, train, or tutor them on various cultural aspects that they can take with them and apply to future meetings, interactions, or business endeavors to best and most appropriately reach their desired audience.


Our linguistic professionals conduct any necessary research prior to a consultation regarding topics of conversation and details provided in regard to the event or scenario set to take place. They take this information to discuss possible approaches for the topic as well as a couple words to say in-language to engage and build rapport with their audience, provide input regarding attire to be worn during the event if applicable, topics to avoid, etc. The overall goal is breaking language barriers and providing support to clients seeking to obtain more cultural knowledge and skills for an upcoming event or scenario.


In scenarios where a client is seeking to launch a new product or service in another country, a cultural consultation can ensure that all materials are appropriate for the country, that the colors selected will be received in a positive way, the sounding and/or spelling of the name, or any other details will be viewed or attributed positively.

If you would like more information, please let us know and we would be happy to collaborate to come up with the best possible solution suited to fit your specific needs!

Here are some examples of situations that we can provide Cultural Consultations for:

  • Business Trips

  • Cross-cultural Presentations

  • Interviews

  • Marketing Campaigns

  • Product/Service Launch

  • Touristic Planning

Some of the industries that can highly benefit from this service are as follows:

(click on each industry for more information)

Legal, Financial, Medical, Education, Marketing, Entertainment, Non-Profit & Social Services, Technology, Travel & Tourism, as well as many others.

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