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From a Different Angle

Updated: May 22, 2023

Dear FCI,

Have you ever wondered what Paris would look like without the Eiffel Tower? Or what New York City would look like without the Statue of Liberty? What about the inside of a computer, or even what a bee looks like on a magnified level? We know these elements exist, but sometimes it's rewarding to look at these famous landmarks or the things we typically see every day from different perspectives to truly appreciate them.

We commonly see things from only one point-of-view, to where if we see them from a different level, it looks like something completely different. Let's not forget that movies consist of actors and special effects and Earth is but a spec in our galaxy. I’d like to share with you some photos of iconic things seen from rare perspectives.


The building of the hand of the Statue of Liberty.

Recognize this hand? Perhaps you've seen it as a finished structure, but this is the hand of the Statue of Liberty.

The real life Jaws.

Jaws was a terrifying movie that made me personally afraid to go in the ocean! Without that iconic music, the ferocious beast doesn’t look all the scary anymore, does he?

Original studio model of Mount Rushmore design.

Mount Rushmore’s original design was a little more involved than what we see today, here is the studio model in 1923.

Mount Rushmore before presidents were carved into it.

Looks a little different without the faces of 4 presidents carved in it, doesn’t it? This was Mount Rushmore before it’s makeover, originally being called Six Grandfathers.

A human compared to Michelangelo's David.

Could you imagine creating a sculpture this big? Michelangelo’s David is 17 feet high and made of solid marble. And let’s not forget that this was sculpted during the 16th century where scaffolding and ladders were not so stable or safe.

The photographer of the "lunch atop a skyscraper" photo.

We’ve all seen the picture of the 11 men eating lunch atop a skyscraper, 850 feet above the ground in New York. Have you ever seen the person who took the image? This is Charles Ebbets.

Niagara Falls without water!

Niagara Falls, at one point, didn’t have water! This was the Falls in 1969.

One of the real MGM lions used to record the company's signature sound.

The famous MGM lion’s roar was recorded from real lions. It is said that 11 lions were used over the years. Although their names differed, they were all referred to as "Leo."

Crinolines were used to give women's dresses volume.

Getting dressed in Victorian times wasn’t the easiest for the upper class. A crinolines, or the cage-like structure you see here, was a necessary piece to a woman’s wardrobe.

The start of the Golden Gate Bridge.

It's always amazed me how bridges are constructed—can you guess what bridge this is? Cause it looks a lot different today. This is the Golden Gate Bridge (at least the start of it).

What Earth looks like from Mars.

This photo was taken from Mars and that little dot? That’s Earth. That’s us.

Top view of Mount Fiji.

You’ve seen this mountain before, but perhaps from a different angle. This is Mount Fuji—from the top.

Hurricane Isaac from NASA.

Mother nature waits for no one—not even hurricanes that hit during the night. Thanks to NASA, we can see the true immensity of Hurricane Isaac.

New York Harbor in the 1860s.

Time really does change things, doesn’t it? This is the New York Harbor in the 1860s.


Why talk about perspective? To me, the world is absolutely beautiful. We live on such an amazing planet and not only is nature beautiful, but the buildings we construct, the statues we create—they all started from somewhere and have been incorporated into “the norm” to where they’re no longer special.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the rush of everything that we don’t know how to appreciate the little things we see every day, or we don’t acknowledge that every great landmark once started as an idea. Perspective can change everything, if you only know where to look.

Until next time,

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1 Comment

Feb 02

This is all so trippy! I'd have never thought the David status was that huge! I figured it was maybe twice the size of a real person, but I was shocked with that close up picture! Not to mention the level of detail--so cool! And NYC looks fake next to those old pictures 😯

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