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Nuestra historia

Fundada en 1999 en Easton, Pennsylvania, FCI - The Language Experts, es una pequeña empresa propiedad de mujeres orientada a atender las necesidades lingüísticas de clientes comerciales, gubernamentales y particulares de todo el mundo. FCI se creó tras observar la necesidad de aumentar y mejorar la comunicación. Tanto a nivel local como mundial, acercar a las personas de diferentes culturas y lenguas es una necesidad constante. Aunque vivan cerca, la distancia entre los individuos puede ser grande debido a la diversidad de orígenes lingüísticos y otras diferencias. Desde la fundación de FCI hace dos décadas, se ha establecido un proceso exclusivo de varios pasos diseñado para satisfacer las necesidades de nuestras comunidades y garantizar soluciones de traducción y localización accesibles y de la más alta calidad para todos.



Imaginamos un mundo en el que las diferencias culturales se celebren y valoren, y funcionemos como la amalgama que mantiene unida a la humanidad y el nexo que posibilite la comunicación.


Nos esforzamos por romper las barreras lingüísticas y crear la oportunidad de compartir la cultura y la comunicación a nivel mundial, independientemente del idioma o la procedencia.


Valoramos la diversidad, el trabajo en equipo, el intercambio cultural, la atención al cliente, las soluciones innovadoras, el crecimiento y los resultados de alta calidad.

Por qué lo hacemos

El arte de la traducción se utiliza para diferentes propósitos comunes a todos los sectores en todo el mundo. Entre los materiales que se traducen habitualmente se encuentran obras literarias, documentos jurídicos, historias clínicas, formularios empresariales, anuncios, cartas, documentos personales y mucho más. Debido a la existencia de más de 6000 lenguas, desde las vivas hasta las moribundas —así como los numerosos estados y niveles de vitalidad intermedios—, en combinación con cientos de dialectos y variaciones, los servicios de traducción son esenciales para permitir una comunicación y un entendimiento eficaces e inclusivos entre personas, países y culturas.

Nuestros servicios de traducción realizados por personas garantizan la autenticidad y prometen resultados completos y exhaustivos. No solo permitimos que las palabras se transfieran de una lengua a otra, sino que brindamos la posibilidad de compartir la cultura a nivel mundial.

Si necesita traducción de documentos, transcripción, traducción o grabación de audio o video, transcreación, localización, interpretación, revisión o corrección, o algo que no figure en esta lista, complete el formulario de nuestra página de contacto y nuestro equipo de soluciones le ayudará con todo gusto.

Le presentamos al equipo

Nos enorgullecemos de nuestro dinámico equipo interno de profesionales que nos hacen ser lo que somos y destacarnos en términos de calidad, servicio y logros en general. Nuestro equipo diverso y altamente cualificado nos permite ofrecer una amplia gama de servicios y soluciones que nos ayudan a satisfacer todas las necesidades de nuestros clientes.

Ellen lifschutz


Ellen Lifschutz established FCI — The Language Experts in 1999. She graduated from a Technical University in Moscow, Russia with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Post Baccalaureate Credit Certificate in Radio Engineering. She also graduated from a New York Medical school as an MRI Technologist. She is multilingual and speaks Russian, English, French, and German. Ellen is responsible for forming company goals and strategies, ensuring departments meet individual objectives, directing financial targets and budgets, and overseeing external and internal opportunities for company expansion. She collaborates with team leaders to develop and maintain relationships that are in the best interest of the company, whether it be with other associates or industry and government officials. Ellen directs staff to encourage professional development and motivate toward potential growth.


Olga Glinka


Olga graduated from the Moscow Institute of State and Law in Russia in 2007 with a master’s degree in Management and Business Administration. She was a manager at a genetic lab and an HR representative in a medical lab, where she sharpened her abilities to lead a team. After moving to the US, she underwent the St. Luke’s RN program and further broadened her leadership and management skills. Olga is fluent in Russian and English, and is passionate about diversity and connecting cultures worldwide.

Manoella Kuriakose


Manoella is from Brazil and graduated from PUC-Rio with a major in Graphic Design and six minors in the visual communication field. She has a master’s degree in High Performance Team Leadership, which she utilizes in her role at FCI. Her position involves problem-solving, strategizing, and leading a strong team of intelligent minds with innovation, creativity, and kindness, while ensuring that any and all communication barriers are broken in order to bring people together worldwide. Above all, her passion for teamwork, diversity, cultural engagement, and the overall sharing of knowledge is what drives her on a daily basis.


Amber Farnum

Operations Manager

Amber initially joined FCI in 2017 as a Quality Assurance intern while enrolled at Kutztown University. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and three minors, she joined the FCI team full-time as a Project Manager. Since then, she has grown within the company as a Team Leader, Operations Coordinator, Operations Supervisor, and now Operations Manager. She is passionate about helping others share their stories across languages and cultures, as well as fostering a great company culture.

Kathleen Rose-Moody

Solutions Manager

Katie has a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from East Stroudsburg University and enjoys reading in her spare time. She is passionate about teamwork and utilizes the broad array of knowledge she has accumulated throughout her years at FCI to support her team members. She spends her days finding linguistic solutions among various resources, navigating difficult tasks, researching, and ensuring the utmost quality of project deliverables.


Dan Plinke

Solutions Coordinator

Dan graduated from West Chester University in 2015 with a degree in English Writing, and joined FCI as a Project Manager in 2017. He was drawn to FCI by the opportunity to provide an essential service to the community, supporting businesses and individuals both locally and abroad. In his current role as the Solutions Coordinator, Dan works directly with FCI’s clients to provide customized solutions for their unique language based needs, collaborating with FCI’s team of linguistic specialists and internal industry experts to ensure the highest quality and most accurate service.

Jessica rice

Operations Coordinator 

 Jess graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Arts in Music. She joined the FCI Team as a Project Manager in 2017 and enjoys communicating with people around the world. In her current role as Operations Coordinator, Jess uses her organization and communication skills to guide team members in order to ensure the continual growth of the FCI team while providing the highest quality service to our clients. She also specializes in MemoQ, researching and teaching her developed skills to the team. 



Quality Coordinator

John graduated from the University of Vermont with a Bachelor of Arts in Japanese and a minor in Business Administration and Asian Studies. He has been working with FCI since 2013. Currently, he manages high profile tasks and trains project managers, while overseeing the Quality Assurance Department and putting his knowledge and attention to detail to work by assessing and ensuring the overall upkeep of FCI’s quality standards. His specialty is in Japanese, but he has a background in other European languages with a Latin base as well.


Accounting Coordinator

Irina started her career as a bookkeeper in 1998 at a construction company in her homeland of Lithuania. In 2005, she graduated from Vilnius University, an institution of higher education in Europe, with a bachelor’s degree in Management and Business Administration in Economy. In 2007, she founded a woman-owned accounting company that provided accounting and tax consulting services until she moved to the U.S. in 2015. She joined the FCI Team in 2017 where she holds her current position. Irina has over 19 years of accounting and HR experience. She is fluent in Lithuanian, Russian, and Italian. 


Jeremy Klump

Project Specialist

Jeremy graduated from Ithaca College in 2015 and joined FCI as a Project Manager in 2017. Through his time at FCI, Jeremy has flourished and is now a Project Specialist. Jeremy is an expert with rare languages and has the ability to manage unique projects with great success. He is passionate about gaining a deep understanding of the subject matter to help give each client request an expert touch. Jeremy has a wide array of knowledge in a number of fields, which gives him the skills and experience to provide customer-centric language services tailored to our clients’ needs.

Cassandra Bartos

Validation Specialist  

Cassandra graduated from Kutztown University in May 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts in English Professional Writing. She joined the FCI Team in June 2019 as a Project Manager to enhance her writing, communication, and project management skills. Her dedication and professionalism have allowed her to evolve into the Validation Specialist role, verifying linguistic background qualifications while maintaining company image and user experience. 


Rebecca Smith

Team Manager

Becca attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania and Ringling College of Art and Design for computer animation. They joined the FCI team in April 2018 as a Quality Assurance Specialist, later progressing to a Project Manager and eventually a Senior Team Leader. Most recently, Becca has stepped into the Team Manager role, leaning on the wealth of experience they have with FCI to help guide their teammates towards success. They are thrilled to be able to experience the wide variety of culture through the languages they are able to work with on a daily basis.

Meeghan Sloss

 Senior Team Leader 

Meeghan graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a Master of Arts in Public History. She knew that whatever career path she ended up in, she wanted to be able to help people. In July 2019, Meeghan joined the FCI team as a Project Manager, where she worked to assist each client with the utmost care. Utilizing her organizational, time management, and communication skills, she has evolved from a Team Leader to an effective and tenacious Senior Team Leader.

Brianna Werner.png

Brianna Werner

Team Leader

Brianna attended Northampton Community College prior to joining FCI in the summer of 2019. Since then, she worked her way up to the role of Team Leader in 2022. Brianna enjoys working in the translation industry; connecting with all walks of life, learning about the diverse cultures and languages across the globe, and helping people communicate and connect through language. In her time off she enjoys the lake life with her husband and three children.

Tyler Zipay

Team Leader

Tyler graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University with a Bachelor of Arts in Film and 2 minors in Marketing and Business Management, prior to joining the FCI team in early 2022. Starting as a Project Manager, he gained knowledge about the translation industry and quickly developed a passion for helping others connect around the world. Now moving into the Team Leader role, Tyler works to contribute to a collaborative work environment in which every team member can thrive. He looks forward to continuing to work with people around the globe to provide the best service to FCI’s clients.

Tyler Zipay Profile_edited.jpg

Sarah Gregor

Team Leader

Sarah graduated from Montclair State University with a Bachelor’s in Humanities in 2020 before joining the FCI team in 2021 as a Project Manager. Most recently Sarah has stepped into the Team Leader position, with a passion for guiding others and promoting a collaborative working environment. Sarah strives to build long standing relationships with our vendors, further creating a space in which those who work with FCI thrive. When she is not working, Sarah can be found exploring the Lehigh Valley with friends.

Kacie Lukasik

Human Resources Specialist

Kacie graduated from Montclair State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature in 2018. She joined the FCI Team as a Project Manager in 2021, eager to delve into the world of translation and to use her past experience in non-profit sectors to build global relationships with both clients and linguistic teams. Kacie is passionate about staff development and cultivating positive professional spaces, utilizing those skills in her previous role of Team Leader and current position as HR Specialist. In her time off, Kacie enjoys traveling as often as she can.

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