what happens when a language dies
July 20, 2017




To add a language to your speaking repertoire is no small thing. People all over the word work hard to bridge communications gaps and be understood. While we may not all be able to speak several languages, the common polyglot is less a myth than we’ve been lead to believe. People all over the world speak any number of its combined languages, and we were pleasantly surprised at the numbers. When surveyed, it was discovered that the percentile of people who are only capable of speaking a single language is much smaller than previously thought. Roughly 15% of all people only speak one language, currently. This is not to say they are incapable, either. Global citizens have taken up a renewed interest in learning new languages as we become more and more connected. However, some parts of the globe are predisposed to multiple languages. As boundaries shift and melting pots spring up all over the world, people’s desire to learn more increased alongside. It’s estimated over 70% of the globe’s population speaks more than two languages. Of this 70%, a vast majority speak well over only two. While polyglots come in all shapes and sizes, it would seem that this progressive world isn’t as one sided as we thought.

It’s estimated over 70% of the globe’s population speaks more than two languages.

So, we continue to expand and evolve as global citizens. While many of us still only speak one language, the world requires us to be more if we’d like to stay moving and not sink beneath. To join in the global conversation is to add your two-cents to an ever expanding pool of knowledge. The more we are willing to learn, the more we can share with those around us, enriching us all in the process.




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