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Frequently asked questions

Looking for a quick answer? You may be able to find it below. If you can’t, feel free to contact us.
What type of translation services does FCI provide?
FCI Multiple Services is a full-service linguistic company that provides a wide spectrum of translation, interpretation, transcription, and audio services. We offer document translation, transcription, audio and video translation, transcreation, localization, interpretation, copyediting and proofreading, as well as other customized solutions not listed here.
What languages do you translate?
FCI Multiple Services provides expert linguistic solutions in more than 1,000 languages and dialects. Click here for a general list of languages. If you are unsure of the source language, or if you do not see it on our list, contact us for further assistance.
What is the typical turnaround time for a translation project?
Average turnaround times can vary based on size, subject matter, and/or any special requirements. Generally, for certificates and short documents (1 page or less than 300 words), they can be completed within 24-48 hours. Below you can find a general idea of turnaround times for longer documents. (Please note, for exact turnaround times we encourage you to contact us for a quote.)
  • 2-5 pages or less than 1,200 words: 2-3 days
  • 6-10 pages or less than 2,500 words: 3-4 days
For longer documents, a quote is required. RUSH and SAME DAY services are also available.
How can you guarantee quality?
We implement a multi-step process that allows us to ensure that our quality meets your standards, as well as our own. Our linguists have years of experience and are ranked and qualified based on their individual abilities. They undergo an extensive screening process that includes rigorous testing in their language pair. Furthermore, they are continuously tested, once part of our team, to verify their commitment to quality.
I need a “certified translation”. Can you provide this?
Yes, the difference between a regular translation and a certified one is that a “regular translation” can be delivered at the request of the client in any alterable format. A “certified translation” includes a “statement of certification”, required by some governmental authorities and organizations, and is delivered only in an inalterable PDF format. At FCI Multiple Services, we offer both, with the same level of quality guaranteed.
Will my documents remain confidential?
All documents managed by the FCI Multiple Services are treated with the highest regard for confidentiality. Our secure servers and workflow systems, along with our strict interchange policies, enable us to keep your information safe and protected. We are also happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement to bind our company to the highest standards of confidentiality.
How can I send you my documents?
Our website offers you the most secure and hassle-free way for you to request linguistic services: the upload feature. Documents may also be submitted by mail, e-mail, fax, or in person.
How do I receive my translation?
FCI Multiple Services can deliver your translated document via mail, e-mail, fax, or you can even pick up a hard copy in person at our headquarters in Easton, Pennsylvania.
Will the translated document look like the original?
With the FCI process, your documents are also handled by our formatting and quality assurance teams, who do their best to meet the requested format of our clients and make our translations resemble the original files as closely as possible. If requested to do so, we will format the document to match images, fonts, sizes, tables, etc., and we work with a broad range of software.
How does the translation process work?
Our process is complex, yet simple, and we do all the heavy lifting for you. Once you send us your request, one of our project managers will confirm receipt and turnaround time with you. This project manager will be your direct contact person in the event of any questions or concerns. They will then start the process of coordinating with our teams in accordance with your request and specifications. Our process usually includes the following steps, as a minimum: our formatting team formats a template to match the master file, the template is sent to our language experts for translation/copyediting, then our quality assurance team proofreads and revises it, as needed. After this, the document is ready for you!
How can I pay for your services?
FCI Multiple Services accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, checks, and cash payments. Payment needs to be processed before we can start on your order. For business clients, FCI can establish a business account and customize invoice billing to better suit your company needs. Please contact us for more details or if you have any questions.
If I need a rare language translation, can you help me?
We currently work with language experts in more than 1,000 languages and dialects, some of which are very rare. You can always contact us for more information regarding the specific language you need assistance with.
I am not exactly sure what I need/want. Can you help me figure it out?
Yes! Our team will gladly answer any and all questions you may have. During the free consultation, please let us know what you’d like to accomplish, and we can provide you with instructions and customized options on how to get started. Call us at (610) 438-8900 or e-mail us at and we will be happy to assist you.
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